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Hontai Machinery and equipment (HK) Co. ltd

Информация о компании:

Годовой объем продаж : 3 Million-4 Million
Год основания : 2000
Экспорт ПК : 70% - 80%

Our company Hontai Machinery and equipment (HK) Co. ltd focus is on steel mills, power plants, cement plant , chemicals, paper, CNC numerical control machine tool industry system spare parts! Main products: DCS system cards, spares of turbine ,generator ,boiler ,blower , coal mill , motor , transformer , pump, valve , air compressor , meters and Instruments , cable and wire , actuator , circuit Breaker , gear reducer, coal feeder and flame , servo controllers, etc.

we are the major partner with leading companies in China including SEC, Dongfang and HEC. We have long-term business relationships with world majors like Samra , Vedanta, and PT PJB and so on .

We are upholding to creating as a leading player in the worldwide energy and machinery industry! You are welcome to contact us for more information!

Stand in customers’ situation to grasp the quality, coupled with our genuine service, we attain deep trust and recognition from our clients.

Hontai business scope include:

Export products :





coal mill

Flame ignition & spares 

- Actuator 

- Motor 

- Reducer 

- Valve 

- ESP 

- Coal feeder 

- Electric panel 

- Instrument & indicator 

- Other industry spares for replace : relay , fuse , transformer , solenoid value , 

limited switch , transducer , sensor , thyristor and so on .




Import products :

- Coconut fiber

- Imported brand IC 

- EPRO sensor